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Kyrgyzstan. Watercolor tour with Eudes Correia. August 2018

 Unique experience of travelling to amazing country with master of watercolor. 9 days across Kyrgyzstan - Ala-archa, Issyk-kul lake, Jeti-Oguz, Son-Kul lake. Nomads, wild nature and countless starts. And of course plen-airs with famous Eudes Correia. Opportunity you can't miss.   

Week of plen-airs with Darya Mitta in autumn Adygea (South of Russia). Time when leaves tend to be yellow and red,  and we can paint coloured mountains. We will live in eco-hotel and every day go for plen-airs in different beautiful locations.

Nepal. Watercolor tour with Anastasia Kustova. November 2018

High mountains with icepeaks, mantras and buddhist temples, happy people. We are going to have unforgettable experience in Nepal. 14 days, from which 7 days plenails with Anastasia Kustova and 7 days trekking in dream-team of experienced mountain guides. Join us!

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