Paint&travel, paintandtravel, акварельный тур, Юлия Бережная
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Paintandtravel project is all about love for painting and travelling and based on our experience in organization and history of our tours.
Our tours are for those people who like to travel without hurry, having enough time to paint or make photos or just enough time to enjoy interesting beautiful places of our planet accompanied by experienced guides and following interesting creative routes.
We organize tours with teachers (watercolor, photo tours etc) as well as tours for groups of painters or photographers without formal classes.
Each tour is accompanied by guide who is knowing all details of local culture, places and know the best and safe routes.
Mainly we are traveling to wild nature and wild places. Asia countries, mainly Middle Asia are priority direction of our tours.
Paintandtravel is about  going to paint high mountains, blue lakes, local people and animals. We can buy local breads and strawberries from field, can go paint on local market, we can sleep in expensive hotels as well as and in yurts and camps, we can travel by horses. We like to photo endless star sky at nights. We boil high class coffee on our way and use as much comfort as accessible locally.
We invite you to join our activity and share unforgettable emotions!